Demo of Rotation of Indexing Gear Box


Bottom Sheet Cutter

We made the bottom sheet cutter by using very advanced technology both in selection of material and method of hardness. We understand the need of good quality cutter to cut any type of cup stock board (ITC, West course, and Import papers) in any type of machines. We made the sharp edges of the cutter in a very precious arch curve design without reducing the wall thickness of the edges, so that it cut the bottom sheet very accurate with smoothly action. The following are the different type of cutter used for different type of machines.

Induction Box (Main Gear Box Of the Machine)

The induction box is the heart of the paper cup machine. The total function of the paper cup machine is depands on the performance of the inductin box. As we mention earlier most of the paper cup machines are imported from china only. The quality and durability of that Chinese induction box are very limited and those induction boxes are lost its capacity in a short period and the result is the owners of the machines are not able to run it for a long time. The only choice for the owners of the machine is to replace the old induction box by the new one. The cost of the new induction box from china is very high it ranges from Rs. 60000 to Rs. 70000. In this situation the team of excel engineering has worked hard to find a solution so that the owners of the machine can get a new life for their induction box by reconditioning it at very affordable price. We finally at the end of our long term research and hard working efforts develop a unique technique to recondition the induction box which is almost equal to that of new induction box, the induction box which is reconditioned by our expert team has got its life once again. In our understanding we are the first company in India to achieve this level in reconditioning the induction box of paper cup machine. In order to develop this technology to next level we by very efforts full hard working develop a new indexing came to replace the old one and got good feedback from our clients. So, we now have the technology to replace all the inner parts of gear box so that it becomes exactly new one only the outer body of the gear box is old one. Secondly we are now in the process of manufacturing a total new indexing gear box which is going to suitable for all paper cup machines with Indian standard and our technology with guarantee also, we are planning to introduce this new gear box in the year 2018. The following pictures are one of the inner parts of the induction box.

Gear Box

In paper cup machine the gear Box is also doing an important role. In gear Box, Commonly there is a backless movement (play movement) is happen and we found that this backless movement in gearbox is affects the total function of the machine particularly the induction box. Therefore it is important to maintain the function of the gear box without backless movement (play movement) we recondition the gearbox by totally arrest the backless movement (play movement) of the gear box so that it function very smoothly. The following pictures are one of the gearbox reconditioned by our team.


The following pictures are paper cup machine spares which is manufactured in our company

New 90 Mould set

Paper Cup Machine Tools

Knurling Tools

Machine Services

We also offer total machine services (both electrical and mechanical) to our esteemed clients at very nominal price.