Welcome to Excel Engineering

In India Paper Cup Manufacturing is emerging as a fast developing field. There are numbers of models of machines are available in market and most of them are imported from china only. In general the paper cup manufactures and paper cup machine suppliers are facing one common problem i.e. the maintenance of that machines and the availability of quality spare parts for that machines. Since the machines are mostly imported from china and the spares which is purchased from there is not up to Indian standard and the availability of the spares is also very limited.

In this situation, we understand the needs of paper cup manufactures for genuine spares to their machines. We, with high quality technical background and rich experience in the field of machineries, started and incorporated a new company namely EXCEL ENGINEERING in 2011 to meet the needs of paper cup manufactures and paper cup machine suppliers.We Provide a quality Paper cup machine services such as Gear box services, Induction box services or Transmission box services.